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  • Just Eat
    • Just Eat plc ​is proud to sponsor the first Golden Chopsticks Awards, recognising the huge importance and contribution of oriental cuisine in the takeaway industry. Just Eat plc is a leading global marketplace for online food delivery​

  • Lucky Boat Noodles
    • Lucky Boat noodles are inspired by the magnificent voyage in 1421 of the largest fleet ever seen to proceed all the way to the end of the world. It honours its brave warriors, navigators and the Chinese Emperor’s quest to find and bring the best to the world.

      Lucky Boat Noodles are of the finest quality – made to a traditional recipe with premium grade flour, and manufactured to very high standards in the UK. The consistent texture, firmness, elasticity, golden colour and non-clumping means there is less waste and are easier to handle in the kitchen.
      It's little wonder that Lucky Boat noodles are the No. 1 choice for most of the UK’s leading chefs and restaurants.

  • H Mart
    • We are oriental & Korean foods specialist with over forty years of experience in the industry and we have proven with a remarkable success due to our endless commitment to the best quality in everything we offer.
      We especially present healthy Korean food and Korean culture both traditional and modern to our customers.
      Our aim is to broaden the love of Korean food, as well as the adhere to the fast rising popularity of K-pop (Korean pop) and K-beauty (Korean cosmetics) to our customers.

    • Panda Radio is London's personality radio station that #PandasPrefer. Broadcasting across London on DAB, and online across the world. With a mixture of music, chat and news that will help you through your day. Part of the GBTIMES Network with radio stations across Europe, Africa and China we help to bring China closer and we're the place where East Meets West.

  • S&B Herba Foods
    • S&B Herba Foods supply wholesalers and distributors serving chefs and owners of Chinese and other Oriental restaurants and takeaways across UK and Ireland. Our rice products are ideal for many Chinese, Japanese and other Oriental cuisines: Phoenix USA Long Grain Rice - double water polished for consistent high quality, with a bright, white appearance. Ideal for steamed and fried rice to compliment Chinese cuisine.; Phoenix Thai Hom Mali Fragrant Rice has an aromatic fragrance and a fluffy, slightly stick texture. The delicate sweet flavour especially compliments the spices used in Thai cuisine and New Kenji Sushi Rice is specially selected for size, quality, colour and uniformity. Ideal for Japanese sushi recipes and North Eastern Chinese cuisine.


  • Tazaki Foods
    • Tazaki Foods, the name behind the Yutaka brand, was the pioneer of Japanese food in the UK and now one of the largest importer, wholesaler and distributor of authentic Japanese food in Europe. Tazaki foods launched the “Yutaka” brand in 1997 to bring finest quality, easy to use Japanese products to consumers. Our motto is “Good Food Made Japan-Easy”.

  • Think PA
    • Think PA are print communications specialists.
      Our goal is to deliver the highest quality, cost-effective design and print, underpinned by professional, first-class service.
      We offer an extensive range of communication solutions, from creative design through to litho, digital and large-scale print with a full range of in-house finishing.
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