The Sponsors


  • Just Eat
    • Just Eat is proud to sponsor the second Golden Chopsticks Awards, recognising the huge importance and contribution of oriental cuisine in the takeaway industry. Just Eat plc operates a leading global marketplace for takeaway food delivery

  • Unilever
    • We are delighted to be part of the 2019 Golden Chopsticks Awards . These awards have set the standard for oriental restaurants in the UK and we are committed to continuing to support the Oriental restaurant industry through our partnership.


      Peace, love and ice cream!


  • Westmill
    • Lucky Boat Noodles are of the finest quality – made to a traditional recipe with premium grade flour, and manufactured to very high standards in the UK. The consistent texture, firmness, elasticity, golden colour and non-clumping means there is less waste and are easier to handle in the kitchen. It's little wonder that Lucky Boat noodles are the No. 1 choice for most of the UK’s leading chefs and restaurants.

      Recently Launched in the UK,  Leo beer is  sold  in 22 countries around the globe has been honoured the Gold Medal for Best Beer Quality Award by the World Beer association and has recently been awarded  Asia Most Trusted Brand 2018.   The product  uses the perfect blend of malt, hops and, specially developed Thai rice, cultivated just for beer,  resulting in Full-flavored standard lager with a smooth and pleasant finish that is so easy for anybody to drink and enjoy it’s refreshing taste.  At 5% ABV Leo is the Perfect accompaniment to Asian cuisine

  • S&B Herba Foods
    • Our products are ideal for Chinese, Japanese and other Oriental cuisines.  Phoenix USA Long Grain Rice, double water polished for consistent high quality, with a bright, white appearance, is ideal for steamed and fried rice.  Phoenix Thai Hom Mali Fragrant Rice has an aromatic fragrance and a slightly stick texture and especially compliments Thai cuisine. Specially selected for size, quality and colour, Kenji Sushi Rice is freshly milled using traditional Japanese methods.  Ideal for Japanese sushi recipe and North Eastern Chinese cuisine. 

  • Super Pollo
    • Our top quality chicken products are a strategic contribution to your kitchen, helping you achieve the great flavours you desire and thus providing new solutions for your business. 

  • H Mart
    • We are oriental & Korean foods specialist with over forty years of experience in the industry and we have proven with a remarkable success due to our endless commitment to the best quality in everything we offer. We especially present healthy Korean food and Korean culture both traditional and modern to our customers. Our aim is to broaden the love of Korean food, as well as the adhere to the fast rising popularity of K-pop (Korean pop) and K-beauty (Korean cosmetics) to our customers.

  • Vitasoy
    • Vitasoy International Singapore (VIS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vitasoy International Holdings Limited (VIHL), a leading manufacturer of plant-based food and beverage headquartered in Hong Kong. VISis the No. 1 manufacturer of Unicurd and Vitasoy tofu products in Singapore.The company has been promoting sustainable, tasty, and nutritious plant-based products around the world since 1940. 

  • Lee Kum Kee
    • Lee Kum Kee was founded by restaurateur, Mr Lee Kum Sheung, in 1888 at Nam Shui village in the Guangdong Province, South China and the inventor of Oyster Sauce – one of the most used sauces in Chinese restaurants and households across the world. It is the Number One Sauce Brand in Hong Kong and also one of the largest & best known Chinese sauce brands in the global Chinese market. Lee Kum Kee range of products are available in UK supermarkets and independent Asian stores nationwide. Visit our website for further information

  • Tazaki Foods
    • Tazaki Foods, the name behind the Yutaka brand, was the pioneer of Japanese food in the UK and now one of the largest importer, wholesaler and distributor of authentic Japanese food in Europe. Tazaki foods launched the “Yutaka” brand in 1997 to bring finest quality, easy to use Japanese products to consumers. Our motto is “Good Food Made Japan-Easy”.

  • Chinatown London Shaftesbury
    • Coming soon

  • Asco Foods
    • Coming soon

  • Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP)
    • Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) is delighted to sponsor The Golden Chopsticks Awards. We are proud of our brand portfolio – offering our consumers a complete choice of soft drinks for every occasion, complementing the growing oriental food market.

  • Bank of East Asia
    • Since opening our doors to the public in 1990, the UK branches of The Bank of East Asia, Limited have experienced strong, sustained growth, providing a wide range of retail and corporate banking services to a growing clientele and contributing to the overall financial prosperity of the community.


  • Think PA
    • Think PA are print communications specialists. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality, cost-effective design and print, underpinned by professional, first-class service. We offer an extensive range of communication solutions, from creative design through to litho, digital and large-scale print with a full range of in-house finishing. Think PA is about more than printing… it’s about thinking too… We would like to offer you some great help and advice on how to get the best out of your next print and communications project, so why not get in touch? We will do all of the rest for you. Think Print. Think PA. e: t: 01494 773075