The Awards Categories

Our 22 awards categories represent not just the excellence of Oriental restaurants throughout the UK but also the contribution of suppliers, supermarkets, food writers and individuals to the growth of the Oriental foods sector. Members of the public may vote in all of our 13 public voting categories between 1st Feb and 10th March 2019.

Public Vote
1. The Golden Chopsticks Best Restaurant in England
2. The Golden Chopsticks Best Restaurant in Wales
3. The Golden Chopsticks Best Restaurant in Scotland
4. The Golden Chopsticks Best Restaurant in Northern Ireland
5. The Golden Chopsticks Best Newcomer Sponsored by H Mart (Open to restaurants who have operated since January 1st, 2018)
6. The Golden Chopsticks Best Takeaway sponsored by Just Eat
7. The Golden Chopsticks Best Fusion Restaurant sponsored by Phoenix Rice
8. The Golden Chopsticks Best Restaurant Chain sponsored by Just Eat (Open to restaurants with 5 or more branches)
9. The Golden Chopsticks Best Noodle Dish Award sponsored by Lucky Boat Noodles (Open to restaurants with at least one noodle dish on their menu)
10. The Golden Chopsticks Best Vegetarian Dish Award sponsored by Unicurd Tofu
11. The Golden Chopsticks Best Sweet Treat Award sponsored by Chinatown London & Shaftesbury (Open to restaurants who serve desserts or bubble tea on their menu)
12. The Golden Chopsticks Best Street Food Award sponsored by Asco Foods (Open to pop-ups, food carts, restaurants or takeaways with a street food menu)
13. The Golden Chopsticks Best Dumpling Award sponsored by Super Pollo (Open to restaurants with at least one dumpling dish on their menu)

Voted for by our Golden Chopsticks panel of Judges only
14. The Golden Chopsticks Fine Dining Award sponsored by Yutaka
15. The Golden Chef Award sponsored by Lee Kum Kee
16. The Ching-He Huang Innovation Award sponsored by Unilever 
17. The Golden Chopsticks Food Influencer Award sponsored by Lee Kum Kee
18. The Golden Chopsticks Community Award sponsored by The Bank of East Asia 

Voted for by our Founders only
19. The Ken Hom Lifetime Achievement Award sponsored by Chinatown London & Shaftesbury
20. The Founders' Business Achievement Award sponsored by Just Eat
21. The Best National Retailer's Oriental Range Award sponsored by Lee Kum Kee 
22. The Founders' Food Forward Award sponsored by Coca-Cola European Partners