Benefits for Restaurants

Voting for The Golden Chopsticks Awards will take place from 8th January to 26th February 2024.

The Golden Chopsticks Awards has gathered impressive support from the local community, food industry and media, with multi-sector sponsors and a prestigious panel of judges and hosts. 

Previous winners and finalists not only benefitted from local press and pre and post event media coverage, but also the incredible on the night exposure to the biggest names and chefs in the East and South East Asian food industry (80% of the UK’s decision makers and key influencers within the East and South East Asian food Industry are invested in this project).

Through the awareness campaigns and publicity created by the Golden Chopsticks Awards our finalists saw really positive results including higher footfall, increased orders and new customers.

The Little Viet Kitchen in London won the GCAs Best Restaurant in England in 2019 and were featured on the BBC’s ‘One Day that Changed My Life’ documentary. Thuy Pham, Owner and Executive Chef at Little Viet Kitchen said “it’s a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and pride to win such a prestigious award. It has always been my dream to help elevate Vietnamese cuisine in the West and I will be forever grateful to the Golden Chopsticks Awards for the opportunity to achieve this."

Gigi Gao’s who won the GCAs Best Restaurant in Wales in 2018 have seen a significant increase in business as a result of their win. Following the event they had this to say, “We really weren’t sure what to expect from the evening and as winners or not it would have been a truly memorable evening...of course it was so much better that we won! It was a great thrill to meet and chat to Ken Hom. Our success in the awards has managed to crash our website twice in 24 hours and we too are still buzzing from the event, as are our customers.”